Friday, February 2, 2007

Endangered Species of Kodaikanal

I happened to take pictures of two endangered species. I will be very grateful if you can identify the species and let me know. I have seen the one above in natural condition and the one below in protected condition.

The Sholas (Natural Forests) of Kodaikanal

The 'shola' is an Anglicised word of 'solai' in Tamil, which means 'Natural Forest' in English. The shola forests of Kodaikanal are very real, very rare and they need to be 'preserved'. Not only they are around Kodaikanal, but they are found allover the western ghats.

This shola is found on the way to Kodaikanal around 18 km before reaching the hill station. Shola is otherwise known as 'living fossil' by the research community. Why it is called so is ..... no one knows when a shola came into existence...... and to try to artificially regenerate these sholas are next to impossible. The exact texture of a shola can never be recreated by any human being. Kodaikanal has to be 'preserved'. The sholas need to be 'preserved'. Let us do our bit to preserve these pristine beauties. Let us know more about them, and not destroy them.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

St Peter's Church, Kodaikanal

The church of St. Peter at Kodaikanal is a very old church build in 1887 AD. The beautiful church was built by a pious Bishop of the Tinnevelly ( Tirunelveli ), called Bishop Robert Caldwell. It is more than 100 years old. This church is situated on a small hill top near Coaker's Walk. It has got a very small congregation.

The members of the church are carrying the mantle of the late Bishop Robert Caldwell. They have established a home for children in a nearby village called Mannavanur. This home will cater to the educational needs of little children who live on farmsteads, away from the village centers, where the children cannot walk and attend the schools.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Chandru aka AG Chandrasekar is my class mate while doing my degree in Agriculture. Some time back we had a get together at Coimbatore, where we had a chance to meet 50% of the class mates in our B Sc ( Agri ) class. We studied Agriculture during 1981-85 at Annamalai University.

After the get together, Chandru happened to visit Kodaikanal, and made it a point to visit my house. I was thrilled indeed.
Chandru is a distinguished officer working for the State Government of Tamilnadu. Indeed it is so nice to meet friends after a long time

Thanks Chandru for your visit and encouragement.


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Palni Hills

Palni Hills

The Palni Hills ( 10˚ 5΄ to 10˚ 25΄N and 77˚ 15΄ to 77˚50΄E ) are an eastward spur of the Western Ghats of India with a maximum ( East to West ) length of 65 Km, a maximum width of 40 Km ( mean width 24 Km ), and an area of 2068 square kilometers. These hills can be divided into two distinctive zones such as Upper Palni Hills and Lower Palni Hills. Kodaikanal is situated within the Palni Hills.

The town of Kodaikanal ( 10˚12΄ to 10˚ 15΄N and 77˚ 26΄ to 77˚33΄E ) is situated at an altitude of 2100m above mean sea level (+msl). Kodaikanal. Evidence of human presence in pre-historic times ( megalithic stone age, 5000 – 2000 BC; South Indian Iron Age, 700 BC – 100 AD ) consisting of dolmen ( group of exposed stone chambers surrounded by walls) and tombs (buried stone chambers).

A Success Story*

Age 22…. Failed in Business

Age 23… Defeated for Legislature

Age 24… Failed again in Business

Age 25… Elected to Legislature

Age 26… Sweet Heart Died

Age 27… Had a Nervous breakdown

Age 29… Defeated for speaker

Age 31… Defeated for Elector

Age 34… Defeated for Congress

Age37… Elected to Congress

Age 39… Defeated for Congress

Age46… Defeated for Senate

Age47… Defeated for Vice-President

Age49… Defeated for Senate

Age51… Elected President of USA

Failure means delay not defeat

*The success story of Abraham Lincoln

Friday, December 15, 2006


Hello Folks,

Greetings from Kodaikanal. Kodaikanal is a beautiful mountain place in South India. Its lush green surroundings are very attractive. It is a very important tourist destination for people from all over the world.
Kodaikanal is also known for the Kurinji Flowers ( Scientifically known as Strobilanthes kunthianes )( Picture ) which blooms every 12 years. The last mass flowering was noticed in the year 2006. The previous mass flowering was noticed in the year 1992. You dont get to see Kurinji mass flowering nowadays as most of the lands have become farmsteads in the recent years.

It is a resort on the Western Ghats.

Come to Kodaikanal and enjoy the place. Keep Kodai Clean and Green Always.